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Waste, is not a waste of time.

It’s disposal and management must be dealt smartly and conveniently at the household level to increase the value recovery, particularly from post-consumer wastes in highly urbanized communities, instead of just incinerating or landfilling.

How Arbor Contributes to Sustainable Waste Management

It starts with YOU, and it starts TODAY


Our visionary approach is centered around three key elements: sustainability, technology, and responsibility. We aim to transform our city into a model of urban evolution and envision intelligent systems that optimize resource usage, minimize energy and water consumption, and prioritize recycling. In collaboration with government initiatives, this holistic strategy aspires to create a blueprint for global cities, where innovation and accountability converge to shape brighter, and a more sustainable future.
CleanTech Hub  Ground’s mission is to continuously work with our team and stakeholders in building and developing a highly sustainable and comprehensive Solid Waste Management System that can ensure a holistic and circular use of our resources.


Our Pillars


Advocating policies and legislations towards the adaption of household level waste segregation


Pioneering innovations for smart urban building waste segregation


Mobilizing active participation among end consumers and key stakeholders

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A System You Can Count On

Cleantech Hub Grounds has the brightest minds developing solutions to sustain an ecosystem. There is a need to challenge the outdated waste management technologies and implement a digitally connected, data-driven, and real-time solutions across cities. Only then we can hope for waste management accountability among end-consumers and facility management. The government can also have access to the types of disposal habits and create necessary policies to incentivize or hold citizens responsible of their actions.

Reliable Services

CHG handles every waste material within buildings and complexes to its highest use for both the economy and the environment. We are problem-solvers in nature and work with global sustainability in mind.

Growing Influence

Masdar City Campus
In Progress
6 Buildings / 12 Chutes

Top-Notch Technology

Uses intelligent sensors to determine the most efficient functionality for waste disposal. A perfect example of a user-friendly recycling system in buildings.

Our Impact

Our technology allows smart waste segregation and therefore, value recovery

If 60% of the population live in buildings – about one million people – and we can get them moving to the direction of 60%-70% recycling accuracy, we would have that much resources saved, recovered, and have the biggest recycling movement in the world in a few years time, contributing to the UN Sustainability Development Goal 2030.


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Word from the Founder

At CHG, we believe that every single minute we have on earth is a privilege that should be coupled by responsibility. We take this stance head on and push the boundaries for the current and new generation to take an inquisitive mind and start moving the society’s gear towards improving and sustaining our resources.

We deem that the cities serve as the beating heart of the country and our actions fuel our community’s core. Through years of research and product development, we have created a humble platform which can have a pivotal role in sustainability and in creating a healthier, circular economy in the nearest possible timeline.

Now is the time for us to move and inspire everyone to work hand in hand and take that big leap towards the next age and towards the 5th Industrial Revolution.

Finally, we know that everyone has a chance to make an impact however minute or grand it is. The only question is, what’s stopping you?