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Our cutting edge products dictate the pace of waste management transformation in urban buildings. It is constant evolution and revolution.

We never get complacent of our own achievements. We continuously find ways to improve our technology to give the highest quality of products and services.

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Arbor means TREE in Latin.

Just like a tree, Arbor is an ecosystem that connects people, smart chutes, logistics, sorting facilities, recycling facilities, and recycling customers. From top to bottom, Arbor facilities smart connectivity, easy control, easy maintenance, and a sustainable waste management.

Key Elements:

1 - recycling
2 - sustainable system
3 - technology

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Arbor Diverter

MODEL: ArborDiverter 5.5

ArborDiverterTM is a patented recycling system for waste management that utilizes intelligent software and computer hardware along with mechanical hardware, to implement protocols to properly separate recycled waste into corresponding waste receptacles, creating a more efficient recycling management system.

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ArborWind Facility Management (FM) App

Model: CHG-FMV-2.0

In the new age, it is necessary to have access to any system, especially in residential buildings.

Facility Management companies require to have instant data on events that occur to respond immediately.

Here are the features that our system has for Facility Management companies:
» 24/7 Chute Access
» Instant Notifications
» Auto troubleshoot
» Auto Lock Doors in case when Bins are Full
» Scheduled Wash
» Notify of when Sanitizer needs refill
» Logs all events

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