Transforming Gravity Chutes

A Path to Smarter Cities

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The journey began in 1975 when a young man came to the UAE to make a difference. This man had a vision to change the way waste is handled in buildings.

He started a gravity chute company and found his way to the municipality in 1976. By 1978, the municipality saw logic in the approach and made it mandatory to have a waste management system for all new buildings. Since then, the gravity chute systems have met the requirement of its time. This man is our late father, Charles Yamine.

Up until today, we live his legacy and continue to create ripples from our humble tech sustainability platform. Our technology allows smart recycling system from individual level to an elaborate waste value recovery process.

By 2050, about 68% of the population will live in urban areas (United Nations). Today, the world is moving towards smart cities, with smart buildings. Modern buildings use gravity chutes, that instead of having to collect wastes from each apartment, from each floor, disposal through a metal tube equipped with door allows convenience of end-users and overall hygienic building waste management of facilities.

Imagine this process upgraded into a smart system that enables waste sorting from the household, sensors to identify proper segregation and disposal, automated sanitation, automatic sorter at waste’s destination, and a bigger logistics system to deliver valuable wastes to recycling facilities. This create a lasting impact and future-proof revolution to the way we treat wastes.

Transforming Waste Into A Resource


  • By 2028, urban buildings will be fully integrated

  • With C-HG’s current team, four (04) Arbor can be installed in one day, a promising speed for fully integrated waste management system

Local Impact

  • Energy saved: 13,220,000 KWH

  • Water saved: 121,255,000 liters

  • Reduced municipal solid waste: 45% - 60%

  • Initial sorting of recyclable materials: 30% - 55%


  • Real Estate Stakeholders

  • Waste Collection Companies

  • Recycling PlantS

  • Facility Management

  • Government Entities

  • Economy (Return of Investments In 6 Years)

  • Our EARTH

We Commit Compliance With UAE's Circular Economy Policy And The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Beyond Profit: Making a Difference

Environment Impact and Commitment to Sustainability

Energy Saved:

13,220,000 KWH

1 Million AED/Year

Water Saved:

121 Million Litres

30 Million AED/Year

Municipal Solid Waste:

Approx. Diversion Rate: ~44% - 55%

44 Million AED/Year